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Playlist length is missing

Playlist length is missing

I used to be able to see the length of a playlist by swiping on the playlist cover. Is this feature gone or has it moved somewhere else?

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Hi there @Npostman,

thanks for posting !


Could you please mention the device you're using for that ?

Adding your Spotify version can help as well.


Thanks 🙂

I have an iPhone 7. Spotify version 8.5.34

Hi @Npostman,

thanks for replying back !


You should be able to see the duration of playlists when swiping to your to your left.


Could you please add a screenshot of your app on a playlist page and another one when your swipe to your left ? 


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

I can’t swipe left at all. This is what I see:


Hi @Npostman,

thanks for the screenshots !


Could you please let me know what type of subscription you're currently on ?


Thanks for your patience 🙂

I’m on a premium family plan

Is this some kind of A/B test? My playlists in iOS doesn't look like that. 

Yeah my wife’s is different from mine. This new one is annoying because they also made the shuffle button so tiny.

Hi @Npostman,

thanks for your patience !


As of a few days ago there was an updated version for iOS.

Please perform a clean reinstall of the app and let me know if that had done the trick for you.


Keep me posted 🙂

That didn’t work

Hi @Npostman,

thanks for keeping me posted !


Does your wife also have iOS? it will also be useful to know which version of Spotify she uses as it works for her.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

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