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Playlist name disappears

Playlist name disappears

Hello dears!

Time to wine again... With every update there is a new issue.


Spotify version - IOS 7.1 - iPhone 4S


With the new update the album name/playlist name of my off line lists is gone every time I open Spotify. The only thing shown is the number of tracks in the playlist.

For downloaded albums I need to open the actual playlist to get the name visible in the list of "Your music".

For my own composed playlists I need to go online to retrieve the name of the playlist again.


Pretty annoying if you have a number of offline playlists that you cant recognize just by the number of tracks in that particular playlist. 

And yes - I have restarted, logged out. But not installed Spotify again because it takes ages to download the palylists again.


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Yes - I have this too.  Just have the download icon in green.  If you go into the playlist, it then remembers the name for me.  Have to guess what it is before going in then!


Mine is iPod Touch 5

Does rebooting your device make any difference? You can do this by holding the home and lock buttons together until the Apple logo appears on screen. Once it has restarted, try Spotify again. 

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That helps for the moment - but not always for my own playlists. There it is still a guessing game.

With the new design, Spotify is much slower at my device. I think that might be the problem.

I have a macbook and this disappearing of playlist names when offline is totally frustrating.   I have tried putting it on offline mode before shutting down however it makes no difference if I don't have wifi access when I restart the offline mode has disappeared and the program is trying to seek wifi and sending me a error message and the playlist names have once again disappeared.   This previously didn't happen only over the past couple of months.


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