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iOS Version Missing Features

iOS Version Missing Features

When I login to my account on Spotify on my brother's Samsung Galaxy it has all the features that the iPhone version has been missing. (fyi I have the iPhone 5S)


Missing Features on iPhone that's on Android-

There's an EQ on the Android version but not iPhone. Seriously?!


In Your Music in the Albums category there's an option to sort all your Albums via Artist or Album Name.


When you add a song/songs to Queue you can actually edit your queue.


When looking at a Album it actually lists the Artists featuring on each song unlike the iPhone (which on iPhone just shows the song name)


In the Albums category in Your Music Albums are sorted by the letter of the Album name


 In the Artists category in Your Music when you click on an Artists' name, it actually organizes their music into Albums (unlike iPhone which is just a list of their songs you added)


Why is the iPhone version of Spotify missing all the stuff that the Android version has had for weeks??? 

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I'm not sure of all of the details, but the Spotify guys have said they are working towards feature parity in the two apps, especially as part of the Your Music changes - so sorting on iOS should be added in the future.

To my knowledge, the EQ on android is actually provided by the android OS and not Spotify's app (they just use it) as it doesn't work particularly well to be honest!

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