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Playlist remain in loading

Playlist remain in loading

Hi, recently I just began to have an issue with my playlist where they remain "loading" and I can't access them or sync them. I'm running the iOS app on both iPhone & iPad everything is up to date, I have uninstalled > reset > installed again the iOS apps but every time I log in the playlist remain loading. I cant sync my playlist not even from my desktop wirelessly to my devices. Sometimes some playlist say they were created by someone else when all of them were created by me and only punished not collaborated. Is there anything else I can do?
Mendoza, Victor
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I'm having the same issues for a couple of hours now. Spotify staff seem to be asleep at the wheel. Sounds like it may be the same issue the tweeted about on June 4 too:

Well I live in Texas, USA, and normally whenever I contact them I receive a respond around 3am when I'm asleep so it's hours until I see it & reply. That there is poor customer service if you ask me, and honestly I have yet to enjoy a full month of service without me contacting them for a dumb issue. Last time I enjoyed a whole month was last year I think. I'm so tired of this BS, and what's funny about my last issue is that it took 2 weeks to fix and Apple support team were the ones that found the solution to it within 24 hours. So hilarious eh?
Mendoza, Victor

Having the same problem here (I'm in Spain) since yesterday, and also, the local files that I had when I was playing a song, when it ended the palylist didn't continue it stopped in that song. That's when I reinstall the app and almost all the playlist appeared just like loading, finally they appeared but any changes that I make in the iPhone does not appear in my desktop or iPad, I though was because I am running a Beta version of last iOS 6.0 but does not seem to be the problem.

Yes, that's exactly what is occurring to me as well. No changes are synced from my iOS devices onto my desktop or vise versa, and I'm also running iOS 6 but only on my iPhone 4s while my new iPad is running iOS 5.1.1 so is not the software. I contacted Spotify last night but I have yet to get a reply.
Mendoza, Victor

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