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Playlist sorting options

Playlist sorting options

I want to listen to a playlist on my iOS device with the newest songs first. I know I can do this on the desktop version by sorting my songs to "Date Added (Newest First)". However, I find that doing so on the desktop version does not sync the song sort order to my iOS app (even though sorting of playlists syncs in playlist view).


How can I sort the songs in a playlist on my iOS app by "Date Added (Newest First)" so I can listen to a playlist with the newest songs added first?


Thank you!

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Hi. Desktop track sorting is volatile so, for example, if you sort tracks on date added then restart the client, they will revert to the original order.


The way around this is to sort the tracks then drag them into a new playlist and the order will stick and you can synch the new playlist to your mobile.

Yes.. That will work fine.


The main reason for using spotify is because its a lot easier than download the music your self.


Please spotify, we are a lot of lazy people, who just follow other users playlists and it would be great if you could sort them with newest first.!!


It's in the pipeline .. I think there are some ideas like this being implemented on Android.. But not yet on iOS.
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