Playlist tracks not playing or syncing

Playlist tracks not playing or syncing

Random tracks will not play or syncing in My playlist and syncing stops on those tracks and not continues. really a pain in the ASS! Using ios7.0.3
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Is it local files (files you have on your PC as mp3s for example) which cause the problem or spotify music which doesn't download? Is it always the same tracks?

I have been experiencing the same behavior on a Windows 7 platform.  2-3 songs and spotify just stops playing.  Happening with both playlists (other users) and with the Radio.   No local files involved.  Using Spotify Premium version . . ..  


Yes - quite frustrating! 

@RickC The windows thread is here. This is supposedly fixed but deleting your cache may be necessary.

It is spotify tracks and no it is not the same tracks, one day it is one track the other day another. I do not think it is network related.

Well I assume you are using the iOS app.
If you haven't already tried it then you might want to reinstall the app and see if that helps.

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