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Lost all synced playlists, really annoying, HELP!!!!

Lost all synced playlists, really annoying, HELP!!!!

Hi I was using spotify last night absolutely fine, listening to my synced playlists offline, I come to use it today and the app is logged out of my account, so I log back in and it says none of my music is synced, yet it is still showing in my 'usage' on iOS that the app is taking up 2.3gb which means surely they are still saved somewhere. I am travelling at the moment and this is my only means of listening to music, I must of sat in the apple shop for around 5 hours collectively syncing these over their wifi so I am really wound up with the fact that it's gone missing, i am not in a position to redownload all of this music and when I am paying for the luxury of having the option to sync then I expect it to work otherwise I am paying for nothing as it is no use to me without this function. Can someone please look into this and get back to me ASAP


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Hi. Is it possible you logged in with the wrong credentials? Try logging out then back in using your email address then again using your username. One of these will probably get you back to your music.

Iv tried what you said but still I have no synced music, thanks anyway I appreciate the help

I've posted this in the wrong thread. Oops. Please excuse me.

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