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iPad App will not launch from facebook Spotify link on my iPad 3

iPad App will not launch from facebook Spotify link on my iPad 3

On my iPad 3, when I select a Spotify link in facebook, via Safari, that was posted by a user listening to a Spotify song, the following happens:


1. facebook asks if I would like to open Spotify to play the track
2. I select Open Spotify
3. The iPad Spotify app launches
4. The app presents a dilog box that says "Could't Open Link" , "Spotify can't open this type of link on this device."
5. I select "OK" and the song track does not play.


Tech Details

Device: iPad 3 64gig WiFi only
iOS: 5.1
Spotify iPad app version:

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Ah, looks like we missed this use case. Opening music stories from the Facebook app or from works well on both iPhone and iPad, but seems like we can't handle music story URLs from Thanks for letting us know.

I am having the same problem and have paid for premium service. I don't understand the thread in the previous answer

I am having almost the same problem with my iPad 4. The music starts playing, but not The linked song, Instead the first track on the album begins to run.

Can you post the link you are having issues with here? 



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