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Playlists Automatically Start When Selected

Playlists Automatically Start When Selected

I am a premium subscriber running version on an iPhone 11 Pro with software 13.4.1.


My issue is that when I open the home page on the Spotify app, under the greeting (Good Morning, etc) appear six of my recently played playlists.  When I select a playlist, Spotify automatically starts playing the playlist rather than as previous, allowing me to go in and then select what song I want to hear.  Any way to turn this off?

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Hey @GABarreto, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Could you try updating to iOS 13.5.1?


Try a quick clean reinstall of the app. Just follow these steps.


Keep me posted 🙂

Hi I have the same issue as of the last few days and this solution didn’t help. At first, it was only happening when I was using my AirPods, but now it’s whenever I open any playlist on Spotify. It just automatically plays the first song without me having selected it. It’s pretty jarring, and kind of keeping me away from the app. Please help!


I updated the software and the app.  I believe it has to be a feature of the new app.  I get around it by going below that section (the "Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening" section and find what I am looking for under Recently Played or just going into my library.  It may take a bit time but it's less jarring than having the Playlist start playing automatically and then needed to select a different song.

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