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[Playlists] Custom order for your list of playlists, like Desktop version

[Playlists] Custom order for your list of playlists, like Desktop version

How can the order of playlists be changed on iPhone or iPad? Not the songs *within* a playlist, but the entire list of playlists? Every new playlist is added to the top of your list, and on Desktop, you can just click and drag to re-order which one appears on top.


On iOS, I can see the option to order your list of playlists alphabetically, or by “Custom” — which just uses the order you’ve set on your Desktop client.


Is it not possible to change that order on any iOS device? 

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Hey @seriousbusiness, welcome to the Community.


Good question!

If you ate still with the old UI, in any playlist just swipe down to reveal a search filter and a hamburger menu. That manu has some options to sort the songs much like in the Desktop version.


Hope I was able to help:)

Hey @LorenXK — thanks for the reply. Yes, I see where I can sort the songs inside a playlist, but what I’m looking for is to sort the playlists themselves.


So for example, if I have 3 playlists:

- Running

- Working

- Driving


How can I move Driving to be #2, Running to be #3, and Working to be #1, without going to the Desktop client. Or if I later want Running to be #2, then Working to be #1, and Driving to be #3, etc. etc. 


I mean, it’s not a big deal with 3 playlists, which one is ordered where... but I have hundreds of playlists that I regularly drag-and-drop to reorder in my list of playlists on Desktop, but it seems impossible on iOS?


There’s the little hamburger icon for songs inside playslists on iOS that lets me drag them into whatever order I want, but there’s nothing that lets me do the same for playlists themselves, except to either arrange them alphabetically, or according to how I last arranged them on a Desktop client.



Hey @seriousbusiness,


Sorry for the inconvenience!

Unfortunately there is no way to do so in iOS.

However, just like within the playlists that you can swipe down to reveal some new options samw goes for playlists but this time there are very few.

You can submit an idea about that or support it if it has already been submitted in Idea Submissions board.


Hope I was able to help 🙂

Thanks again, @LorenXK — appreciate your replies!


Yeah, I figured it was either impossible on iOS, or just very very well hidden 😛


That’s certainly a shame it isn’t possible. I know Spotify began as a Desktop client, but it’s unfortunate that mobile clients don’t have some of these very basic features, considering a lot of people probably use iOS and Android devices for music. And also considering how many people now rely less and less on laptops and desktops, and use things like iPads and Chromebooks and other tablets instead...

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