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Playlists have disappeared after updating iOS app

Playlists have disappeared after updating iOS app

I'm a premium user via Virgin Media in the UK. Since updating to the latest version of the iOS app yesterday all my playlists have disappeared. Any ideas?
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My playlists on my iPhone are not in sync with the playlists on my windows machine. Folders I deleted months ago have reappeared containing other folders that should be on a higher folder level.



I have the same exact problem since the update. Old folders now appear and my playlists are in that folder when they should be on the top level.

I have the same problem. Spotify has deleted all but one playlist.

same problem here. So much trouble for an update with 0 new features. Just a better look for iPhone 5, since I do not own an iPhone 5 its useless for me.


I want my Playlists back without going in higher folder levels. Please fix this **** I'm really getting sick of this paying you 10€ per month for nothing, the iOS app really sux.

Hi there!


I updated my spotify app this morning, and have a similar problem. At first, I thought that most of my playlists had disappeared apart from three; but then I noticed that they actually had turned to iTunes playlists - they can be found in the folder "iTunes playlists". And that can't be right, since I don't have any iTunes playlists!


Help is appreciated!

Download the spotify for ios 4 app. Everything seems to be in order again. Let spotify fix the issue on the newer version

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