Playlists not updating between Computer and iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1


Playlists not updating between Computer and iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1

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The playlist on my phone is not updating whenever I add or remove songs on my PC.

I've tried a clean reinstall, I've tried adding songs directly from my mobile device, but none of this has helped.

On my computer it says that I have 840 songs, but on my phone I have 859 songs (I added about 5 new song on my PC and deleted a bunch).

I have no clue as to why this is happening, but as a Spotify Premium customer, you might understand my frustration. I've had more than one problem with spotify in the past, the last one being v 1 for iOS. I have 700+ MB of free space on my phone, and I've been down to approx. 120 MB and had no problems with space back then. "I" updated (iOS auto update) Spotify to 1.9.0 on November 9th, and I am positive that there is some sort of bug in this update that could prevent people from having their playlists in sync between their computer and their mobile device.


I have one offline playlist with 859 songs (840 on my computer) and I have 1110 starred songs (dont really use this anymore tho.



plz fix ASAP Spotify blokes, i know u can do it 🙂


If you can fix this as fast as possible, I'll be more than happy to pay the 20 USD (99 NOK) a month that I do already.


Hope you understand my frustration with this.


I am having no issues otherwise



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Have you already considered to apply for the iOS Beta for Spotify? 

This beta should contain an fix for the sync issue.


Take an look at this topic, or head to the Community home, and take a look at the top 'Beta test Spotify for iOS'.


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I'll be sure to check that out. Thanks for the quick reply!