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Plays not showing on Facebook Activity Log

Plays not showing on Facebook Activity Log

When listening to music on my iPhone, the plays don't show on my Facebook Activity Log. This used to work, I don't know what has changed.


I removed the app from iOS and also removed it from my Facebook App's list and started again but with no luck.


The settings in the app look OK?


And also in FB.


Any thoughts?

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I've had the same issue since the last update - Posting to last fm okay some of the time and it shows on Facebook activity log if I update a playlist but not what I've been listening to for some reason?

Same, Last.FM is fine.


It's the same for me with the desktop client, nothing shows on FB.

Same 😞

Same problem here since December 2nd. Playlist updates are working but plays not.

Actually is not a iOS only bug, it happen on every device and app, even the web player.

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