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Please allow us to reorder our playlists in iOS.

Please allow us to reorder our playlists in iOS.


I am a Premium for Family member and hve been for some time.  I primarily listen on my iPhone 6S.  I update iOS and the Spotify app accordingly.  However, I am tired of not having the ability to reorder the display listing of my playlists. 


Default display listing:

Rock ballads


Pandora Next?

Nature Sounds

Kids Dance Party




Desired display listing:


Kids Dance Party


Nature Sounds


Pandora Next?


I am not the first to inquire about and request this for the IOS app.  Why hasn't it been added?  It seems that this is a simple feature that could easily be added, and I understand that this feature is offered in the Android app.  Could you please inform us, your subscribers, when this simple feature will be included in an IOS update?  


Thank you.

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One week and no response? 




I really don't like having to scroll through all of my playlists to get to the one at the bottom that I play often.  I understand that you allow reordering of playlists in your desktop app (which I can't d/l onto my work computer) and in your Android App (I don't own an Android), but you continue to not provide this functionality on iOS of web player.  Why???


Please provide iOS app users this functionality.  We'd like to continue to use you as our streaming service, but may have to look elsewhere if you refuse to provide simple features like this.  We're not asking for much....



Sorry for having to wait a week. Go to this section to add your idea or support it if this kind of idea has already been submitted. (Scroll at the bottom to submit a new one)

For now you can only use Filter option to sort them.

Just scroll from top to get a Search bar and a Hamburger Menu (The one on the right of the Search Bar with the parallel lines). It will give you 2 options, the one that is already selected and the other one to sort them alphabetically.


Hope I was able to help.

This idea has been submitted multiple times already.  


Here, you can see it was submitted back in 2015, and it received OVER THREE THOUSAND LIKES.


[All Platforms] Alphabetical playlist sorting options

How about ordering playlists alphabetically? I'm paying for this service and this feature is the most common and easiest one even for a free music player...


Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey folks, thanks for bringing your feedback here to the idea exchange. In an effort to be more transparent about what we're planning on implementing, we're marking this idea for Alphabetizing Playlists as "Case Closed" today.  While we are looking into how to organize large collections, it likely won't be implemented exactly as described here. Of course if anything changes around alphabetizing playlists we will let you know in the Community Blog via a Staff Announcement. Thanks for your understanding!




As you can see, your company decided to mark it complete, in an effort to provide transparency.


Can you explain how marking something complete, but not actually providing the requesting functionality or informing us when this will be available leads to any sort of transparency?  


Ever since I have asked about this, all Spotify seems to do is to send me to different places to make this suggestion, which has been already made, numerous times.  In reality, it seems that your company just don't want to provide this simple functionality that we've been asking for. 


Finally, I am flabbergasted that most recently your company took the time to revamp the App to improve functionality for free users.


Seriously?  I'd rather you spend the money I and other subscribers pay you for features that we want, not non-subscribers.  



Are you drunk?!



Even though it would be nice to own it but I don't.

Do you see anything that leads your mind into thinking I am an emplyee?

I guess that everytime you see someone replying to someone else in this community makes you think that the must own Spotify or work for it. For gods sake! Just read and think more carefully next time before you point at someone for something!

If you have anything with their transparency contact with them here.


Edit: By the way thanks for finding that idea and providing the guy with the link so he can support it as well.

Not drinking, yet.  I am just new to the board and tired of the runaround from Spotify.  

Lol @c3e-_viqvbcdn

Well I don't work for them, just trying to help others in the community.

I know as much as you do about when new things are going to be available. 

However, you may get a glimpse of them if you sign up for their beta program.

Let me find the link and bring it here.


Edit: BETA for iOS & BETA for Android

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