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Podcast navigation in car

Podcast navigation in car

A recent update appears to have introduced some different behaviour with podcasts that is quite frustrating.


Previously a press on the forward/back buttons on the steering wheel would go to the next/previous track and holding the button would skip forwards/backwards within the podcast. Now both skip forwards/backwards. This happens through both Carplay and Bluetooth. To play a different podcast I have to either select it on my phone if using Bluetooth or navigate to my library, podcasts and the episode I want in Carplay. Neither is ideal. 


I have tested a fair bit on this, and music within Spotify has the correct behaviour in going to the previous/next track, and podcasts in the Apple podcast app also work correctly. That leads me to believe that something has been changed that is specific to playback of podcasts within Spotify, and it was introduced through an update in the last couple of weeks.


Has anyone else experienced this, or is there any thoughts on how to work round this? 


Podcasts also play in the wrong order, so if you go to the next podcast you go to an earlier one, rather than later.

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