Podcast playing next episode


Podcast playing next episode


Hi all

i have been having an issue with podcast past few weeks. It won’t play the next episode. Yes I have it on auto play. With music it works fine. I have been onto to support and after some who disappear and don’t replay after a while. One suggested to have it from oldest to newest. It now works the odd time. Like having them from newest to oldest. I listen on my phone. I have premium and it works on other person phone. It also doesn’t really work on my iPad. My phone is up to date as well as the app. 

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I am having same issue. Autoplay is on but it all of sudden stopped playing the next episode of the podcast. I have the episodes oldest to newest and newest to oldest. Still won’t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and same issue. This just started randomly a couple of days ago


I’m having this same problem for several weeks now. Auto play works perfect with music/playlists and on other devices, but will not auto play the next episode of any podcasts. This is bizarre to me?!?! I’ve updated my iPhone, the Spotify app itself, played with all kinds of settings within both, still nothing. Also logged out of, deleted, and reinstalled the Spotify app and still didn’t fix it. What is going on??


I’m having the same issue. Mine started when I updated the Spotify app on my iPhone - did this happen to anyone else?