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Possible Playlist Bug When Deleting Items

Possible Playlist Bug When Deleting Items

I've discovered a potential bug in the way additional detail is displayed for a track when you tap the ellipsis on the right side of a track in a playlist. I am in the US, using an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2 and Spotify
If I have a playlist that contains several songs, and I delete the first song, the detail page for the new first song actually shows the detail for the second song. Every time a playlist item is deleted from the top of the playlist, the index for the item displayed in the details page is incremented by one more than it should be, so if I delete another song, the detail page for the new first song in the playlist now shows the details for the third song, and so forth. This happens until you do something such as playing a track, and then the details page shows the correct track information.
I have screenshots, but I don't see a way of submitting feedback via the app. I can post them here when I get to a PC.
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@JoBrad if you've some time bro, upload the screenshots here! yeah, Spotify's app is a music service, the feedback mechanism is either here or the Spotify Customer Service! So there's no uploading in app.
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I have the same problem after removing songs from the playlist. The currently playing song shown in the list is different from the playing song at the moment.



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