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Premium button under shuffle changed to Download from Offline after trial when purchased

Premium button under shuffle changed to Download from Offline after trial when purchased

I have Spotify Premium an iPhone 6sPlus. Initially I had a free premium trial & under shuffle button the toggle above the songs said: Offline. I could swear. Then, trial ended, I buy it from free & suddenly I see it saying "Downloading..." & a Download toggle. Huh? What??? (Didn't get any songs at time.) & then the button appeared & said: Download instead of Offline.What's it doing? Was this an overall update. Wasn't it always DLing in background? Why is it showing me this or giving me a download toggle? Why would I shut it off? Pls explain!!! I NEVER once saw it say "Downloading the entire trial nor see this downloading green bar (what is it DLing?!!) on another screen that said say, "360 out of 700" for ex). & it never said "Download for the toggle button under Shuffle. It said Offline. Now, Offline is in with either Streaming settings or Playback & initially when I toggled it to on, all my songs in my list were greyed out. The second time I went back in & toggled it on, the songs were fine. And the little green arrow under the songs that I believe appears when you add the song & save it, was not appearing to songs I was saving. I don't know why. I just added a connection to Alexa yesterday, which wouldn't have worked until today when I purchased Premium as it only works w/ Premium. Was it downloading bc of Alexa having access? Why & what was it downloading without adding any new songs? I simply purchased premium as it went to Free from the trial for a few days w/ a payment error. Why does toggle button under shuffle say "Download" ??? It said Offline in premium trial. Now it says toggle Download?? Why would I toggle off Download? I don't get it... It's different than premium trial. I heard to toggle off the noise setting & crossfade isn't worth having on. Feelings on that? Equalizer too? I've found treble boost the best of all - better than loudness. Free was going to drive me insane after having premium : can't play any 1 song, shuffle only, 1/2 audio quality, can't repeat or go back, can't make up next list, can't do anything but SHUFFLE W/ TONSSSSS OF ADS! Even Spotify doesn't tell you how much the Premium has over Free. 1/2 the audio quality??! Really?!!! That's awful on a free vs paid version to do. Not being able to play a song? Just shuffle only? I didn't even try search. Needed my Spotify Premium back. Just think of what you spend at Starbucks. 2 days = Spotify for 1 month. Then you'll buy it... Can't live without it. But pls help me with the above issues!!! Seriously?! Help, can't find info on these anywhere. But for $10/month should be customer service email & phone number. Just sayin'..... So, pls answer!!! Thx!!!
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