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Premium does not work on iphone but ipad.

Premium does not work on iphone but ipad.

I have an premium account for longer. Since the latest update, my iphones think I am a free user. In get adds and shuffle play. Signed out and in several times, Even reinstalled Spotify. It does not work. Bills are paid and my profile is on Premium. What now?
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Is the renewal date for your next Premium renewal definitely in the future?

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Yes...5-16-2014.  It has been autorenewing for a few years now and suddenly did it today.  Can't turn off shuffle.

@Lunaluna The best way to resolve your query is actually via our contact form. From there the right team can help sort out your account. 


@TheRealEBohl This account looks fine on our end. Are you signing in with your FB email and password? 

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