Problem solving for freshly downloaded spotify app (if you use facebook)

Problem solving for freshly downloaded spotify app (if you use facebook)


Hi, I want to post this so as to hopefully save some people some troubles when first downloading spotify for ios.  For the most part, once spotify is downloaded and running properly on my ipod, it seems to work pretty well.  However, I have for various reasons deleted the app completely from my ipod several times, and noticed that it is usually tough to get it to even respond when I have an internet connection.  "What's new" won't load (you developers should really introduce the option to turn what's new off, across the whole platform; I will never once use it in my life), and most certainly my playlists will not load.  If I managed to navigate to the playlist page, they wouldn't even appear, in fact. 


I had discovered a way to get around the problem by turning my wi-fi off altogether, logging in with my spotify details (so that what's new didn't try to load infinitely), go to my settings, scroll down to the "log out" option, turning my wi-fi on, logging out, then logging in with my facebook account, turning my wii-fi off (so as to again keep what's new from infinitely loading), log out of spotify again (this time it shows my facebook name in the "log out ___" instead of my spotify name).   Then after all that, logging back in with my facebook account.  At this point the app would be responsive and my playlists would appear and load. 


However, in my most recent experience, I found that I could not log in and then log out with my facebook account as before because the app would not recognize that I was logged in with facebook after I turned my wi-fi off.  Meaning, when I'd reopen spotify, it would just ask me to either log in with facebook or spotify details again, but with the wi-fi off, I couldn't log in with facebook.  Sorry that's confusing.


But, what I'm driving at is, I found that by going into my desktop spotify application, going into settings, and DISCONNECTING from facebook altogether (very bottom of settings), I could then log into spotify on my ipod using my facebook details, and the app would then be responsive. 


A lot of that top information might be superlative if you are experiencing problems.  You may just be able to read the last paragraph and figure out what you need.  The previous paragraphs were just pretext, explaining the general issue.


Hope this helps someone.

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