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Problems with Nike Training Club app Integration

Problems with Nike Training Club app Integration

I have Spotify premium and used to enjoy listening to my playlists when using the Nike run club app for a run in Canada. Suddenly The app is not allowing me to select my own playlists as it immediately changes back to “no music.” I’ve tried reinstalling the Nike app and Spotify a few times, and no change. It is even happening in the iPad now, as I did s test to check whether this could be a iPhone issue. I contacted Nike run app support, but still waiting for their return. Anyone with this same problem? Any advice?  






(iPhone 8

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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I’m having the same exact issue, and it seems to be a widespread issue with Spotify users recently. I’ve tried unlinking and relinking the accounts and it still doesn’t work. 

Same problem!, can’t select spotify or if when can after trying several times after switching between itunes/spotify/no music, it plays only one song!!!

Same same...

All spotify recommended playlists in the nike app nrc show only 0 Follower. I can select them but then the screen jumps back to the "select music" screen without any selection.

Selecting an album plays only one singel song all the time.


I have seen many other threads on this but I am still having issues. 

1) I have not yet ever gotten the integration to work right. 

2) Music stopped playing all together.  I updated both the NRC app and the Spotify app as of today (3/19).  I also restarted my phone. 

3) I am able to select an album, but only the first song plays.  I'm not able to skip or change the song.  

4) If I try to pick another playlist, music stops completely. 

5) I've also tried to run the spotify app independently.  However, Playing music in the spotify app paused my music.  Resuming my workout in NRC app paused my music. 

6) Issues not isolated to wifi or LTE.  It's across both. 


Phone: iPhone 7

IOS: 12.1.4

Carrier: Verizon 35.0.2

NRC Version: 5.22.0

Spotify Version:


Very frustrating when trying to get a run in.  At this point I feel  my only choice is to unlink Spotify and use the 2 apps independently.  Not ideal since volume doesn't adjust for updates or guided runs like it would if integrated but I can't run without music/podcasts/etc. 

Having exact same issue. 


Cannot play playlists.  Appears that Pace Stations work.


Done reinstalls etc.  Tried on different phones, carriers etc.  Very problematic for months.  Going to dump Spotify and go to Apple Music as support is lacking.

Same issue! I have to use both Apps independently but it kills my battery! I wish there was a fix for this but I can’t find anything ! 

It’s fixed! Download the new version NRC 5.23 and Spotify will work again:-)

Yahoo! Mine is fixed as well! I updated the app on the weekend but this new version must have arrived yesterday! Thank you for letting me know !

I just downloaded the app yesterday with the latest version and am also seeing this issue. Does it seem to be resolved for everyone else?

Same problem for months. NRC+ and Spotify just don't sync. Have deleted and reinstalled apps, restarted phone. Really miss my music while running with the app. NRC+ also can't help...


I solved this as follows:


Hope this helps those of you having the issue. 


  1. go to and into apps. Remove Nike from access.
  2. Go into Nike+ app/settings/partner and disconnect Spotify
  3. Sign out of NRC and SPotify apps.
  4. Remove both from iPhone
  5. Do a soft reset of iPhone
  6. Reinstall both apps
  7. Try to reconnect Spotify to NRC


These steps worked for me.

THANKS! You solved my problem which was bugging me for months!

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