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Problems with Spotify on car system since iOS6 upgrade

Problems with Spotify on car system since iOS6 upgrade

Ever since upgrading to iOS6 on my iPhone, I am not able to use Spotify at all. I have tried connecting the USB and then hitting "play" on Spotify, but there's nothing; it only allows me to play music from iTunes.


Hope someone can help!



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You should try to connect your Iphone through AUX connection instead of USB. because i have the same issue with my car. I know its much more convenient to connect it through usb so it plays while it charge but that's the only way that seems to work right now. I think apple wants us to use iTunes instead of other music streaming services thats why the upgrade prevents us from doing so. 😞 


i hope it works out for you! 

Unfortunately I only have a USB connection to the car system, but thanks for the suggestion.


Oh well, hopefully an upgrade will solve this problem... 😕

I also have the same problem. It's really frustrating. 

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