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Push notifications (lack of)

Push notifications (lack of)



I have all the push notifications settings turned on (in iOS settings and in the app itself) but I they don't seem to be showing up. For instance when someone adds a track to a collaborative playlist, I get nothing. Whereas everyone else in the playlist gets a notification on theirs.


Same situation on both of my devices - iPhone 4s 16gb running OS 5  and iPhone4s 32gb running OS 6


Any ideas why it's not working?




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I am having the exact same problem, did you find a solution?

What country are you guys in? 

They are working fine for me!



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i'm from Italy.

I receive sometimes notifications about new albums but never about new followers, modifications in some playlist i'm following and so on.

May i try something?

I can't remember where... but I recall reading in this community that push was turned off on iOS, email notifications still work. Perhaps it is location dependant, but I haven't received iOS notifications in a long while.

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