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Recently played music not syncing across devices

Recently played music not syncing across devices

It's been a few days since my music isn't syncing across my iPhone and iPad.

Before, if I was listening to a station on my phone, I could easily resume it on my iPad. Was this feature removed? Or how can I activate it again? HELP!


Plan: Premium

Country: Panamá

Devices: iPhone 8, iPad Air (A1474)

Operating System: iOS 12.1.4



6 Replies

Hey @keybarreto! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this or was this a temporary issue?

If yes, be sure to check if both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The feature should function the same it has before. ^^



It started working again but not always.

That feature only works while being on Wifi only? 

Hey @keybarreto!


This feature should also work on mobile data.

Are you using the offline mode frequently on your phone? This could explain why it is delayed for you. ^^



Nope, I don´t use the offline mode that often.

What if one of the devices is on Wifi and the other on mobile data?

I am having the same problem. But as far as I can tell Spotify doesn't support sync unless both devices are running the app simultaniuosly.


I don't always remember to open both apps when I play music. It's hard because no other app I use requires you to do this. So I forget. I am sure there might be someone good with computers in your office that can help.

Just found a cool feature though. A reply badge!! I love spotify.

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