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Unable to play shared private playlists...

Unable to play shared private playlists...






iPhone 6

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I am experiencing a problem with Spotify, it is not wanting to play shared private playlists I have access to. 


What happens is the link is shared on Patreon and when I try to ‘play on Spotify’ it doesn’t open the app and start playing, it brings up the App Store to open the app (even if the app is already opened) and doesn’t play anything but the first time I used Spotify it played which is what really confuses me.


I created this Spotify account specifically to be able to listen to these playlists and the first one work but the rest do not. 


I have an iPhone and it is fully updated, I have not tried to see if it works on desktop because my computer is bad but I have uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing. I am unsure if I have a setting wrong or something but it would be greatly appreciated if someone could explain this for me.


thank you!!

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Hey @Tmotter, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Could you try updating to iOS 12.4.1? Also make sure you have the latest Spotify version installed.


Try long pressing and opening the playlist to a new tab to see if that helps.

If not, try copying that link and pasting to the Serch bar in Spotify.


Hope it helps 🙂

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