Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 2.7.0

Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 2.7.0




What's new in this version (2.7.0)

  • Now with revamped daily charts.
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Muy vien


@Goodman  did this update include a fix for the BMW ConnectedDrive issues?


Hey Rodrigo, I think a fix like that would have been mentioned.

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Did this feature come with OTA already?

I thought my crash issue would have been resolved with this update, but unfortunately the app is still crashing within 10 mins of use. I'll simply be listening to a playlist and it crashes. I'm new to this forum/community and have no idea how to get help. I've tried searching for similar ppl with the same problem but have had no luck.

Crash on previewing songs resolved but still sometimes crashes when i play songs when app is working on background.


Latest update version ( has a bug on the imac. Some songs (example mr.Probz/Nothing realiy matters) don't play. They stick on 0.00

Re-installation did not solve the problem. However no problem with the latest windows version.


Sorry: it's not ios, but I dont know how to remove this message, it seems only edit is possible and not removal.

If I pay for spotify premium through the website for 10$ instead of through the iPhone app for 13$ can I still use premium on the app?


I just can't get to open the app. Have been trying for 2 hours now... I'm really tired of this routine. Two or three versions ago, Spotify was opening fast, working with no problems. But in the last versions, everytime I wanto to use Spotify I gotta keep trying for half a hour to open it. That's ridiculous. It keeps frrezing and crashing and freezing and crashing and freezing and crashing, without even loading. When it finallys decides do load and open the app, it takes something like 5, 6 minutes to load... I've never actually considered giving up my subscription, but it doesn't make sense to pay an app that is not opening.

I have iOS 8.3 and Spotify version

This Spotify update was made available today on the App Store.

Since updating the app fails to work with the ConnectedDrive. I keep getting a crash report on my device.





Message from Spotify:


"Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this error message. We've got the right folks on the case and we've created an 'Ongoing Issue' post here to keep you all updated.


We will lock this thread and continue the discussion in the Ongoing Issues board. Thanks folks!"

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Hi, since the last app update spotify doesn't work in my car bmw with connected drive. I get a huge error message in the spotify app.

The error starts with error in startwithcompletitionblock... I can offer a screen if it will help. May be there is a problem with the certificate...

I just updated Spotify in iPhone 6 plus and have BMW connected drive. Keep getting error when I try to open in car. Message says BMW connected drive needs to update!!! Wtf

Napster doesn't work on I Phone 6 with BMW connect, fix it quick Spotify, tried on Napster and works very well, why does it take so long to fix an issue for users that drive one of the biggest brand name car in the world? You are causing a bad reputation that Napster had, don't go down this road please........

Sorry my last message meant Spotify doesn't work....

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