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Saving premade playlist to personal playlist for Sonos?

Saving premade playlist to personal playlist for Sonos?


Still extremely frustrated with the lack of integration between spotify and sonos where when within the sonos app cannot browse all the premade playlists and such when in the psotify get around this problem i know the best thing to do is save your playlists that you can pull up in sonos...however, when i goto a premade spotify playlist, and click the "..." in the upper right...there is not an option to save to playlist when you save an album...


help! how are people doing this to enjoy the playlists in sonos, thanks

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Hi there,
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I would recommend you to do the following via an desktop:

  1. Follow the playlist you'd like to save
  2. Click on the playlist and drag it to your desktop. An file will be created.
  3. Now drag that file to the 'Create playlist' button. An new playlist will be created with al these songs. You may rename it to whatever you want.
  4. Now you may also save this playlist for offline use.


Take an look at the image below about the dragging and dropping of an playlist

Image made by @Carina 


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