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Sending messages using iPhone/iPad not possible

Sending messages using iPhone/iPad not possible

Hi there,


you might call me stupid, but please let me ask a question: 


I'm trying to send messages to another Spotify-user (follower) using my iPhone. When using the "SHARE -- SEND TO..." function my followers do not show up, and also typing in their user name does not work. 


Also, when using my Mac to do the above (which works), the conversation does not show up in my iPhone (nor in my iPad).


Just as a note: My Spotify is not linked to Facebook -- and I do not want it to be linked. 


I am confused and would appreciate your help. Thank you!



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Bump. No way to reply to messages via ipad? Really? I'm sure this obvious feature must just be hidden somehow....wish I could find it. Anyone?


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