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Serious alarm clock bugg!

Serious alarm clock bugg!

So if you listen on Spotify for too long so it pauses. For example when you fall asleep. The pause button will be bugged like it's playing but it isn't see image: And the alarm clock will go off in the set time. But with zero sound. It will just show the snooze and stop button. So the main issue is that the phone won't even vibrate or make a sound.
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Also sometimes when you just pause music the bug comes

My iPhone SE (latest version of everything) doesn't have an alarm sound sometimes, now I realized it's the Spotify app that causes it:


0. Used Spotify on my phone in the night (Bluetooth streaming in my car)
1. Playing Spotify music on my Macbook Pro in the morning
2. Airplay it to my speakers

3. Alarm goes off on my iPhone

4. Spotify suddenly pauses the music on my Macbook

5. Alarm goes silent on iPhone after 0.5 sec: no sound, no vibration


Cannot reproduce often, but happened to me like 5 times in the last few months, really annoying and dangerous!

Happens to me more often than not. 

This bug made me miss a meeting this morning!

Same here.


it makes sense when you are actually playing music that the alarm just stops the music, but this still happens when music hasn’t even been playing.

Just a silent alarm with the snooze option on the display

Same problem for me. Missed an important meeting because of this. There is a whole thread on Reddit and this still hasn't been fixed!! - 

You guys made me miss an important thing because of his bug.  Really screw you guys spotify

Both me and a coworker have experienced this and both overslept because of it.


I am not sure who I am most mad at.. You for creating this bug and not fixing it (have experienced this for over 3 months now), and forcing me to close Spotify every night before turning on an alarm... Or iOS for letting you mess up an Alarm Sound...

same thing here. music doesn’t have to be playing as long as the app is still open in the background. i’ve had to pay a few hundred dollars now for no-show fees from missed doctor appointments.

Yup, Spotify is trash.  This bug literally makes people lose money and they havent even acknowledged or fixed this.  This has been going on for a long time.   I suggest we keep bumping this thread and others then take it to social media, only way for the little guy getting kicked to get heard.  These guys literally made people lose money

Had this bug last week and spent a couple of hours testing the phone thinking it had to do with the new iOS update. This is unaccpetable. I need a 100% reliable alarm. This should be fixed asap.

Yea this has nothing to do with an iOS update.  This is purely a bug.

It can happen when you've been using it and the APPLE WATCH assumes you're still listening- pause on phone, but MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT when you're not WEARING the watch it re UN PAUSES IT. 


I shouldn't have to quit spotify on every single device.

To be honest, this is the kicking factor to why i had ended up late to class today.

I set my alarm, normal as always - and it didn't turn on and i was still asleep an hour and a half after it went off.


Thanks spotify (NOT).  Probably jumping ship now that this constantly happens and you can't even be bothered to fix it.  Out of everything that this app has for it, missing work and or class is NOT cool and i'm not having a family account that expensive and keep missing class or appointments for it.  I shouldn't have to set six alarms and have all six not go off. 

I do have the same issues with my iPhone 8. 

The issue started happening a couple of weeks ago. 


Issue: The alarm goes off, but no sound/vibration. Alarm sound is only for <1sec and then it‘s silent - but on the screen you still see that the alarm is activ (I could stop and snooze it).


My setup:

Spotify 8.5.17 (upgraded regularly over the past weeks)

iPhone 8 with iOS 12.3.1

Apple Watch with WatchOS 5.3 (upgraded this week > issue happened already before the upgrade and still occurs after)


It doesn’t matter whether I have the watch on my wrist at night or plugged in on the charger. The alarm would still not go off in the morning when Spotify is connected to my Denon HEOS speaker via Spotify Connect (although not playing music anymore of course since the playlist finished). 


Annoying (but working) workaround:

In the Spotify app connect to your speaker (through Spotify Connect, not Bluetooth). Start playing whatever you want. Disable WiFi and Cellular on iPhone. In Spotify App switch back to listening on your iPhone and stop playback. That way music will continue on the speaker and your iPhone/Spotify App doesn’t know about it. 


Not sure if this is relevant, but I‘m using the Bedtime-Feature from the official iOS Clock app. 


Consistently have this problem. Music streamed through Bluetooth in the car. When I exit the car I get the paused screen and then no alarm noise the next morning. 

Pretty unacceptable that this thread hasn’t been recognised. 

I’ve had the exact same issue for a long time now (3/4 months) and was about to contact Apple about the issue but i just happened to find a thread on macrumours that connected Spotify to the alarm clock Issue.. 


I use AirPods falling asleep to music and when they fall out at night the music will stop and my alarms set for the following day will be entirely silent after a millisecond of sound..?! Also use my HiFi stereo sometimes  to stream via Bluetooth and issue also occurs even when that’s on a sleep timer and disconnects the phone once the timer is finished.


This is really unacceptable especially since I’ve been late for class or even travel arrangements so many times and really depended on my alarm. I’m glad I can finally put a finger on it, that no I’m not turning into a very heavy sleeper..

I just want to listen to music as I sleep and wake up the next day.. Not much to ask for as a premium family subscriber

Appears CarPlay triggers this as well or connecting bluetooth to another hardware.  CarPlay is horrid btw.

This bug actually got me fired back in may 2018 from a shitty job I would have quit anyways, but then about a month ago I got a warning from my current job because I was late for work two times in one week, just as an result of this stupid bug again.

I have now fully investigated the error and my conclusion is clear!
Spotify is not to blame for this bug that causes the alarm on iPhones to go off, but without sound and haptic feedback.
I've managed to recreate the bug with all apps I use that either play audio or video, such as Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Twitch, etc.


The bug occurs when the play/pause button in the notification menu on iPhones glitch and shows the pause button even if the used app is not playing but is actually paused.

It seems like that the bug will appear more often (and then easier to replicate) if you have connected your iPhone to an bluetooth speaker



Until Apple once fixes the bug, you can fix it yourself by make sure that all your apps that play audio or video are always force closed when you set an alarm that you depend on.


This guy demonstrates pretty well how the bug occurs:

Just noticed this problem the past few days.


iPhone Xs on iOS 12.4 and latest Spotify App.


Has this issue been aknowledged by Spotify anywhere yet? Is there progress being made to get this fixed?

The bug is not Spotifys fault, it's a bug in iOS, read my post above.

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