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ShareMyPlaylists iOS App problems - suggestions?

ShareMyPlaylists iOS App problems - suggestions?

I really like some of the lists available through ShareMyPlaylists, but the iOS app is painful to use.  Does anyone know how to solve the following issues?


1. App stops playing music when the screen goes to sleep (Spotify and iTunes don't do this).


2.  I ALWAYS have to login with my FaceBook info every time I open the app.  Facebook and Spotify don't need to.


3.  Playlists seem to stop playing at random.  Once this start happening, it seems to get worse and worse.  Sometimes it happens when it hits a song that isn't authorized in the US, but most of the time it just stops for no appearent reason.  This is on my home WiFi network where NetFlix and YouTube stream flawlessly over 99% of the time.


Suggestions for any of these issues would be greatly appreciated!



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