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Spotify always stops playing music after one song


Spotify always stops playing music after one song

I'm having a problem since I began using spotify on ios which is a pity.

Whenever I start playing a song, spotify just plays it but after one song it shows the cover of the next song but doesn't play it. But it seem to believe it's playing it because it's showing the pause button but the progress bar isn't changing. Pressing the pause button and pressing the play button will not play the song; I have to navigate back to my starred list and choose a different song which will play fine: until the end;

I do have the latest ios5 and I do have the latest spotify app. What I don't have is fun. On my Ipad I have the same bug. I don't have these problems with the desktop app.

Any trick out there for this buggy ios app?

Thanks in advance.

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I removed 6gb of data and it now plays all songs :).

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btw. I've never used spotify outside my wifi. It's definetely not a connection problem on my side. I can manually select all songs and they will play immediately and without interruption. But always one song and then it stops. Perhaps it has something to do with my starred list. I don't use lists; I only star songs and have one big list of songs :).

mine does the SAME thing.  It's so annoying.  What's the point of paying for unlimited, if they can't get the app to work correctly. Spotify- PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!

I'm with you guys! And now any of my local files that were imported won't play either and I've always had issues with certain songs showing they're playing but not. I work from home and I'd like to listen to Spotify all day, but I have to log on to another computer system and I spend all day swapping out of logmein onto my computer to fix Spotify and back. I have the free service and it's so unreliable I can't imagine paying to upgrade. I may just go back to Pandora. Yeah I can't pick exactly what I want to listen to but at least it plays continuously.

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I removed 6gb of data and it now plays all songs :).

I was having this issue when the library was partially sync and offline. What I noticed was in these cases the scrobbing bar was not shown, but as you describe the pause button was indicative to me that it was supposed to be playing.

Hi, I have the same problem, but after a couple of songs. 


I also think that disk space is the problem. I just freed some memory and I will check if this solves the problem.

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