Shuffle Problem


Shuffle Problem

Gig Goer

Phone: iphone 6s,  iOS 11.2.6

Problem: I hit shuffle play on bluetooth while in my car and everything works fine. I get out of the car and come back in and the shuffle is "off" and the playlist is back to alphabetical order. When I turn "shuffle" on in my car, this causes a replay of past heard songs. Example: If I listen to 5 songs and get out the car, when I get back in the car those same 5 songs I just heard replay until it goes back to shuffle. 


With "shuffle" off in my car. I hit "shuffle play" on my "songs" playlist and it works. When I get out and back in, shuffle is off.

Example: Hit shuffle play and song plays on shuffle. If I get out the car on a song that starts with "T", when I get back in the car the "queue" is set in alphabetical order in "T's". 


Always something.