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Shuffle Stuck Enabled With Premium Duo in Offline Mode

Shuffle Stuck Enabled With Premium Duo in Offline Mode


Premium Duo




iPhone 11

Operating System

iOS 16.4.1


My Question or Issue

This is now the second time that my shuffle has become stuck enabled. I have Premium Duo yet I don’t have access to premium features as simple as disabling shuffle?? The other day I fully reinstalled Spotify -which fixed it for a day- but now the problem has started again! Is there any way to fix this? It’s not feasible for me to reinstall the app every day, and I shouldn’t have to in my opinion. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Edit: So it appears that this is only an issue when my Spotify is in offline mode. Offline mode is a huge part of why I wanted Spotify premium in the first place. If this is a feature then I would love to turn it off, if it’s a bug then I will be pretty seriously bummed out and might consider canceling..

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Hi there @general_sweeyo,


Thanks for reaching out. Could you please provide us the following:

  • Is this on all devices or only on your iPhone?
  • When did this start happening?
  • Does it happen with all playlists and/or albums?
  • Screenshots or a video of the behaviour

With this information, we’d be happy to investigate.

Keep us posted.

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