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Shuffle and repeat won't stay active

Shuffle and repeat won't stay active

So, despite the fact that shuffle isn't as random as one could hope for, I'm still a major user of the function as I prefer the random setting to the forced order of the playlists. But lately every time my spotify has been idle for some time and needs to load, both shuffle and repeat functions have been turned off, which I find to be a nuissance. Is there any way to keep the functions ON, even after prolonged inactivity, without having to turn them on manually every time?
I'm using an iPhone 4S.

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Hi, and welcome to the Spotify Community!

Spotify reminds your last settings on shuffling and repeating as long as the app is active. When you close the app and restart these settings go back to their default setting.

(with closing the app I mean by double tapping the home button and sliding the spotify app away).
What's a Spotify Rock Star?

that's a blatant lie.


so, what's the deal?

make sure everything in your setting are set right & that you still have premium.

Yeah, that's all done. There is a bug with your program.

Yeah, that's all done. There is a bug with your program.

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