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Shuffle dissapear when I connect Spotify in my Car


Shuffle dissapear when I connect Spotify in my Car

I don't know if the problem is in my car or in my iPhone, but.. here is the deal..


When I use spotify normally in my phone (iPhone 6 updated with iOS 11.0.1), i don't have problems with shuffle.. the light on the shuffle sign is green, and when I change the song, appears other from the list.. (shuffle works fine)...


but 1 week ago (when I update iOS), I have this problem... 

when I connect the spotify in my car (Mazda 6 2014) via bluetooth, the shuffle light turns off... and I can't put it green again.. so, when I change the song from the car, is always the next in the list, and its sooo annoying..


anyone knows what happens here???

please i need your help



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Had same issue for a couple of years now. 


Mazda CX-5. Spotify will shuffle tracks once when I press ‘shuffle tracks’ but thereafter it plays tracks in order and won’t shuffle. 


It works fine in my focus!! 


Maybe a Mazda issue? 

It’s fixed!!

Really????? since when?

The latest update on iOS has given me the same issue I believe, pushing the shuffle button on the car’s touch interface doesn’t register and I can no longer switch between shuffle states through the car.


I’m running a Subaru Forester 2018 (Premium) in case that helps.

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