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Shuffle keeps reshuffling

Shuffle keeps reshuffling






iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 14.8


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I’ve been having an issue where when I shuffle a playlist, if I pause for a bit and then come back to the app, and play again, the shuffle order has reshuffled itself. 

For instance, if I was listening to a playlist of 30 songs, I get 15 songs into my shuffle, pause the music for a bit, and then come back and hit play again

it treats the song I’m on like it’s the first song of my shuffle, and the other 29 songs of the playlist get reshuffled into the up next. 

the shuffle order used to be consistent, in that I could pause halfway through a playlist, and then come back to it and continue, without having to hear all the same songs again.

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I have the same problem , really annoying , sometimes I get a phone call the music stops obviously then when I come back to the music the playlist reshuffle itself with songs I already listened , been like this for like 1/2 month

I hope this gets fixed soon. As someone who has to keep starting and stopping their music because of their job this whole thing is extremely aggravating. I don't use my phone for a whole lot and would love an option to turn this resource saving feature off.

Still have this problem TODAY. im sick of this i have this problem for 3 years, i have big lists and I'm just done with this so called support with nice word doing nothing. I pay bigtime for spotify and it cant even shuffle a big list and spotify cant remember where it left of. Im going to apple and music bots. Music bot which is free does better than spotify. Im not paying family accounts for nothing..

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