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Shuffle not available on some playlists

Shuffle not available on some playlists

Plan - Premium

Country - US

Device - iPhone 8

Operating System - iOS 10


My Question or Issue - I have the latest version of Spotify running on my phone. Spotify is up-to-date, as is the OS. I've found several Spotify-created playlists that don't have shuffle available as an option. They can only be played straight in order. I can't figure out why. I've attached screenshots of two examples.


2 Replies

Hey @handymonkey, welcome to the Community.


Hope you're doing great!


This is the expected behaviour, and it depends on the type of playlist. However, if you have Shuffle turned on and you press Play, it will shuffle the playlist.


If you don't like this behaviour I’d suggest starting a new thread in the Community Ideas Exchange.

This’ll allow users, Stars, and Moderators to vote and comment on it.


Have a nice day 🙂

I thought all static playlists had the ability to be shuffled. There is nothing I can find in any Spotify documentation that there are random playlists that can’t be shuffled and must be listened to over and over in sequence.

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