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Shuffle play not working

Shuffle play not working

When I go to my playlist of over 1000 songs, then shuffle them, it consistently only plays within the first 50. All of the rest of my songs aren’t even in the queue. This only started happening recently; before it shuffled ALL of the songs without a problem. I even undownloaded then redownloaded the whole playlist.


I have a Premium account and this is happening on my Spotify app on my iPhone.


2 Replies

It is EXTREMELY annoying!!  I also have a very long playlist.  So far, shuffling only plays songs from bands that starts with a number (e.g. 3 Doors Down, 38 Special, etc) and bands that start with "A" (e.g. AC/DC, Airbourne, Aerosmith, etc).  NOTHING ELSE.


I keep clicking on the "Shuffle Play" button and get the exact same result everytime.  I rebooted my phone and it makes no difference.  I try to start the playback by manually picking a song far down the playlist and the next one is back into the "Number or A" range.  

Same problem. Between this and Spotifying being completely stupid about playing on the echo, I’m about to move my family over to The Fruit for streaming music**bleep** is getting untenable. 

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