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Shuffle problem with iPhone

Shuffle problem with iPhone

I like to use shuffle, in all off my playlists, but when I'm using Spotify on my iPhone 4S, and I'm shuffelin, but I want to listen to one particular song, I find the song, listen to it, and I'm expecting the shuffle to still be on, like after the song is done, but it's not. I have to go all the way up to shuffle play, every time. This is not OK. What is wrong?! It's working just on all my computers. Help!!

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Hi - I cant turn off shuffelmode on my iPhone ?

Can i switch it off for a complete list likeFavorieten?

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You should be able to toggle shuffle on/off from the Now Playing screen. Tap on the track playing bar at the bottom, shuffle should be in the bottom left corner (it's pretty small).

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