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Simple Features?

Simple Features?

First off...I love spotify and their music catalog, but I'm growing increasingly frustrated with their lack of VERY SIMPLE features. I know somebody has addressed these before but I'm a new user that just tried out Beats Music and found their app to be so far superior to Spotify that I'm thinking of jumping ship unless some BASIC functionality is on the way for the iOS app. For instance, I just want to look at my library - my entire catalog - without having to manually create a new playlist. Is this possible? I want to sort my music automatically by ARTIST - the most basic function of a music library - without having to wait for this fabled "collections" feature that has been talked about. I don't want collections, I just want to look at all of my songs by one artist like I would in any over music app ever made. Am I just missing something? I would like to be able to sort playlists automatically by date released or BPM or date added - again, is this really that hard to implement? Is there a way to do it that I don't know about? I would like to be able to add artists to my library rather than select albums one by one. I would like to be able to search my music by genre. I would like to be able to see a playlist of MY most played songs, not just the most played songs in the US. How hard can that be? Please Let me know if any of these features are coming soon because they are ALL in the new Beats app and I would rather not have to jump over to a new service and rebuild my catalog. Thanks.
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I recently switched from MOG and agree with everything you're saying, but Spotify has one feature that no other service has that keeps me with Spotify - the ability to sync with my iTunes playlists. That puts all of my music in one app, which is great. If Spotify didn't have this feature or if MOG/Beats Music had it, I'd have stayed with MOG.

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