Skipping songs when played alphabetically


Skipping songs when played alphabetically








iPhone 7

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iOS 13


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I noticed some songs in my Liked Songs wont play when I try to play everything alphabetically.  For example, if I'm looking at the list, it shows the order as Gotta be Somebody - A Grave Mistake - The Great Depression - The Great Die-Off -  Greatest Love Story BUT when I start playing songs it plays Gotta be somebody - greatest love story and then keeps going. The skipped songs never play or show up in Next up. I don't know if they're playing when i shuffle or if its just the alphabetical that's messed up. If I play one of the songs with shuffle turned off, the next song played is  the first song in my Liked Songs (so if I play Grave Mistake the next song is American Honey and then it continues playing alphabetically through the As)

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Its an error in Spotify!

Casual Listener

I have the same problem here.


I found out what the problem is. 

When you play alphabetically the list is sorted by the first letter of the Song. for example:

- A good day

- Abacus

- Bad boy

- The awesome five


But when the list plays it is letting the 'a' and 'the' are not used in sorting the list. So when playing the list is ordered as follows:


(the) awesome five

Bad boy

(A) good day


Spotify needs to solve this..