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Some albums don't show up in the iOS app, but can still be played from a playlist.

Some albums don't show up in the iOS app, but can still be played from a playlist.

Is there some reason for this? For example, the Chasing Ghosts album by The Amity Affliction is listed on the band page in the desktop version of Spotify, but is missing in the iOS app.. You can still play the songs from the album that are in the top 5 in iOS, or the whole album if you have it in a playlist. So, since it's playable on iOS, why doesn't it show up in the album listing?

Another thing is multiple versions of one and the same album.. For example, the Digital Renegade album by I See Stars, for some reason the default version Spotify shows is the instrumental version (which I don't see the point of), and in the desktop version you can change it to the proper version by opening the album page. But in iOS you're stuck with the wrong version, unless, again, you have the correct version in a playlist.

Is something being worked on in this regard? Or is there some good reason for why it is this way?



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That's a bit strange. Could you try a reinstall on your iphone and see if the problem goes away? I know that wih new releases, it can take a while for the artist pages to update and searching on a specific track normally gets around this.

Thanks for your answer.


I don't think reinstalling is the solution.. I have the same problem on both my iPhone 5, iPad 2, and my girlfriend's iPhone 5 + iPad 2. Could you try looking up the albums I mentioned and see if they are as I described on iOS and PC?



Hi again. I don't have IOS but Chasing Ghost shows just fine in my android. As for Digital Renegade, yes only the instrumental version shows on the desktop app but the normal version shows on my android. There may be some tidying up to do here - you can report these inconsistencies to Spotify using this contact form.

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