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“Something went wrong” error on the home screen.

“Something went wrong” error on the home screen.

Suddenly, which I click the home button in the Spotify app, I can see the home screen for a brief second and then get the “something went wrong” error. Pressing the TRY AGAIN button does nothing. I’ve restarted my phone/the app several times to no effect. It was working fine a few moments ago, and then just all of a sudden started having issues.



Student Premium





iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 12



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I have the same thing today. 2 separate iPads have the same thing. The equalizer no longer worked this. Maybe it’s time for Apple Music. I’m sick of this.

Same here. Errors on all platforms. No acknowledgement from any of Spotify's Twitter accounts and no response from support.

Same thing here.  Also, I’ve had songs just stop playing in the middle or the last portion of a track omitted, skipping to the next track when listening to albums.  I’m close to calling it quits as well.  I’m paying a premium price for a “Premium” Service but receiving an economy class product. 

the issue is wide spread. the lack of communication from Spotify is embarassing for a paid service like this

It’s not just iOS.  Also getting “Please try again later” on my Mac.  Very frustrating...

Same here, started today Jun, 13th. Affects iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X app. Library and Search functions work normally - only Home Page doesn't load.

Same, the SAME exact issue has been happening all week. Including stopping in the middle of the song, errors, try again doing nothing, lack of anything loading when I have a good WiFi connection. What am I paying for again exactly? @spotify

I am having the same issue with the home screen and also have an album I played yesterday in my recently played under the library page. When I tap it it is blank with no songs listed. 

When will this company with no customer service recognize that there other other choices out there and we can take our money elsewhere. 

Ditto. Having same problem on iOS and macOS.

Same problem, here. Wasnt sure if it was only me, but i guess not. Tried tweeting at them, but i know theres a super slim chance they will ever get back to me. I've tried everything and i dont know what else to do but wait it out. If someone finds any solution, please let us know!

Same. I’ve even tried uninstalling it and no luck. 

If they don’t fix**bleep** in a few hours then **bleep** Spotify.  I’m taking my business somewhere else.  

They have the ability to email us. They need to:

1) monitor their service problems more closely

2) acknowledge problems to customers via email immediately 

3) give an ETA for fix


Tomorrow it’s going to be Apple Music if this isn’t resolved. 

This like the second time in the last couple of months that Spotify has been unuseable because of some error on their end. If this doesn't get fixed immediately I'm going back to Apple Music.

I was having the same problem but it is now fixed.

Same thing for me, also when I click on a singer, their albums don’t show up and it just shows an empty page. Buggy updates do happen but Spotify needs to communicate such stuff with users and let people know they are aware and are working on it. Nothing like lack of communication frustrates users more. 

It’s also affecting Roku streaming devices. Home page wouldn’t load this morning. So I logged out and tried to log back in and it won’t recognize my login credentials. Probably a bug from the newest update.

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