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Song Radio not working same as desktop

Song Radio not working same as desktop

When clicking on “go to radio” on a certain song it takes me to a 30 track playlist that does not keep updating like it does on desktop.. also the song that i wanted to listen to is not even in the playlist.


is there a way to get it to take me to a playlist in the similar way it does when i’m on a desktop?




iphone XS

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Hey @Alexclarkny, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


I'd recommend to check this answer by Peter about the new Radio featres.


Hope it helps 🙂

Hi, just read it thanks.


i’m still a bit confused about why it doesn’t include the song in the radio playlist..


so what i have to do is play the song first and then open up my phone again and go into the song radio?


bit of a pain, is there a way i can submit feedback for this terrible design,

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