Song elapsed time not synced between devices


Song elapsed time not synced between devices


I've recently experienced problems playing music from my ipod touch.

This is an old devise but until last month has worked perfectly.

The problem is that when I play a song on the ipod touch from another device e.g. my iphone the ipod and iphone are not in sync. e.g. the song starts at 0.00 mins on iphone but starts playing at 1:56min on my ipod. I can only listen to half a song and often the next song will not even play. I've noticed that when the song is paused the values come back into alignment but then press play and they go back to being out of sync. Its unusable at the moment.


Between other devices e.g. 2 newer model iphones there is no problem.


The reason I do not want to just ditch the old ipod touch and use another device connect to my speakers is that I have found the ipod touch is the only device that I can control the volume of the device connected to the speaker remotely using the iphone. If there is a fix for this problem I would retire the ipod touch.


Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any suggested fix.


I've already tried deleting the app on both the ipod and iphones and reinstalling. It has no effect.









Ipod Touch, Iphone SE, 6s, Xs

Operating System


iOS 6.1.6 

spotifiy version


iOS 12.01

spotify version