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Songs Disappeared

Songs Disappeared

All of my saved songs on my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro have disappeared.  I have reinstalled the app multiple times to no avail.  It was working fine this morning.  All my playlists are still there but none of my saved songs are on the app.  What's the issue?

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Thanks for posting!


That doesnt sound good. I'd recommend performing a clean reinstall to get this fixed.


To do this, just follow these steps:


  1. Head over to your offline devices page here.
  2. Remove all saved devices.
  3. Reinstall the app again by following the steps here.

Hope that helps.


Keep me posted!



This didnt work unfortunately...It still shows up that I have no songs on my spotify but all the playlists are still there 😞



Thanks for getting back to me right away and sorry to hear about that.


May I know what device do you use and how much free space do you have?



I am using a Macbook Pro, an Iphone 6 and a iPad Mini...all have pletny of space left.  I have deleted the app on my iPhone and now when I try to redownload it, it wont even cue on the screen that it's just shows stuck in the app store.

Hmmm, when an app does not download or if it shows as 'Waiting' it is normally related to the cache and overall storage of the device.

There are a few guides to fixing this on iOS.


  1. Follow the steps provided here:
  2. Clear some space on your device as it is sometimes the underlying issue (if you have lots of free space then don't worry about this part).

Keep me posted.

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