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Songs Greyed out only in Playlists and on 4G data? Works fine on wifi.

Songs Greyed out only in Playlists and on 4G data? Works fine on wifi.

My Question or issue:


I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest iOS 15, recently I noticed whilst on 4G, songs from my playlist were greyed out and I couldn’t play them, but I could if I searched for them individually, just all my playlists are greyed out, nothing else. Any ideas anyone? Have cleared cache, tried offloading the app and reinstalling all to no luck. As you can see in the pictures provided, songs appear when I am on Wifi, but not when I am on my 4G data.

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I have exactly the same problem. All songs greyed out when on mobile data, Spotify constantly stating its connecting.

Works fine when connected to wifi, have tried ALL the fixes listed in the community, but still no joy.


Its very frustrating, I have been a Spotify premium customer for years, if they don't fix quickly I will be cancelling and chasing a refund as I'm not getting the service I am paying for

Have the exact same problem, started yesterday when I was driving and was paired to the car. Spotify was stuck in a “connecting” status, all songs that weren't downloaded where greyed out and couldn't be played. When I got home and my

phone connected to wifi they weren't greyed out again. Problem still persists today. Cant play anything on 4g unless its downloaded. I wonder if this issue is specific to Uk accounts 

I think its a global problem - im in australia.

Same problem here for me in Australia on cellular With or since iOS15.1 Spotify version

Telstra know about this. I called them and they updated or changed a setting. I think APN issues. I rebooted my iPhone 13 Pro Max and Spotify is back to normal.

Great - thanks for the heads up. Ill give them a call.

Any update? I’ve called telstra and they can’t seem to fix it for me

They actually didn’t say what they did but the lady Kym said that the techs were on to it. They asked me if mobile data was enabled for Spotify which is was then said they did something their end. They told me to restart my phone and check Spotify which fixed it no more greyed out songs. Kym called me back within 10 minutes to check how I went. Mention to them it might be an APN issue.




Country Australia



(iPhone 6s)

Operating System

iOS 15.1


My Question or Issue


Hi Everyone


Since yesterday I can now not access my own playlists that I have created when using my cellular data.  It all works fine when I have access to wifi.


I have checked all the settings in Spotify and all appears to be fine and everything turned on.  I have also checked that my iPhone mobile data is turned on in the front page and also in the Spotify App .


 I have turned it all off & rebooted the phone.  I have uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled and even switched to a spare phone and still does not work? However two other phones in our house work fine (family plan).


Oh I must note that my playlists are all visible but just greyed out. But if I scroll down a bit lower to "Recommended Songs"  these songs  are visible and able to be played, just not my own playlists.   So weird!!!


 Any clues?




Having the same issue, and restarting my phone didn't fix it. I'm with Telstra as well

Are you with Telstra? It's happening to a lot of people at the moment. Some said they were able to fix it by restarting their phone but that didn't work for me either.

Yes I’m with Telstra.


not that I like it but I’m glad to hear I’m not alone.


Has yours resolved itself?

I’ve just checked and both other phones here are Optus and they work fine. So this now makes more sense as to being a Telstra issue

Having the same issue since midday yesterday

having the same issue

iphone 11, latest Spotify update and with Telstra 

I noticed that if I press the “enhanced” button at the top of my playlist while on my Data connection, my playlist becomes fully available. Otherwise it remains greyed out. Started about a week ago. Have had no luck with any other fixes online.

I can access my spotify fine at home when connected to wifi.  as soon as it switches to mobile data all playlists are grey and i cannot select any songs from them.  Please advise.  I have reinstalled Spotify on my phone, logged out and in, checked my data plan


Just noticed this issue today. Telstra Brisbane 5G iPhone 12 Pro. 
Downloaded songs appear fine. Online songs appear grey but will still be played next in sequence/shuffle. Can’t actually tap an grey song to play it directly. Only happens in playlists. If you go to the artist or album the songs are normal. Haven’t tested in wifi yet. 


Just been on the phone to telstra. They are aware of the issue and are working on it. The lady i spoke to (Brisbane based) has the issue too. They dont have a fix yet.

I'm with Telstra and the issue is happening for me

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