Songs glitch during playback


Songs glitch during playback

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Everything I listen to on Spotify has been glitching out lately. The song will pause for a second then start back up and get super glitchy. Playback will slow down then cut in and out - totally unlistenable. This happens with my offline songs too so it's not a connection issue. I've tried about every troubleshoot on this forum and nothing is working. Re-installed the app, restarted the phone, closed in and out of app, changed settings but it's still doing it and it's been two weeks. Anyone else having this issue that could help out? It's driving me insane!

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Community Manager

Hey @sal


Sorry to hear, we're here to help!


Can you try heading to > click 'Remove All'?

This will mean re-downloading your offline tunes, but it might to the trick.

Let us know how you get on 🙂