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 I used to be able to search an artist and look at all their songs and select the first song and spotify would automatically play the rest of the songs for that artist. I can no longer do this. I now have to pick every single song individually. Spotify used to automatically add all the songs under "Songs" onto the queue playlist, but it doens't anymore. It is a waste of time if I have to go and select every song I want added to the queue. I am dissappointed with the update Spotify released. Please fix this!!!!! I just want to listen to all the songs from a single artist regardless of the order, like I used to before!!

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I have this same problem as well and spoke with customer service for over an hour. On their tester device they weren’t experiencing this and pretty much left me with no answer. When I was contacted the next day by a rep all they had to say was that songs had to be manually added to the queue. They blew it off like it’s not an issue because they aren’t receiving enough complaints about it. I have the iPhone XS Max by the way. Not sure if this is happening on all phones.

It is so frustrating that this isn't a feature anymore! I have the iphone 7. This was never a problem until the most recent update, which is terrible!

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