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Songs in offline mode unsync without reason

Songs in offline mode unsync without reason

Some songs in playlists wich have been selected as offline, are suddenly "unsynced" not being available in offline mode, therefore I have to "download" them again. Is quite annoying, specially when you are somewhere without WIFI (travel, journey, etc)

Any reason why this is happlening???


4 Replies

This same thing happens to me! I wish someone would answer. Its quite annoying.

Hey guys,


I've been having the same problem, and I'm not sure if this is the solution since I just did it, but I noticed if you right click on the playlist in the Spotify desktop interface, one of the menu options is "available offline." For the playlist in question for me, that option had not been checked (this used to be a check box option in an older version of the mobile app if you recall), so I checked it off, and the songs "synced" within the desktop interface.


I have since re-downloaded the playlist to my phone as well, so let's hope this is the fix!

iphone 4  ios 7.1.2 spotify


constantly shuts down unexpectedly while playing or downloading offline songs, i have about 1,350 songs in my music, i have them all offline so i can enjoy music in my car or anywhere, i have been constantly fighting with the app songs unsync without any reason have to redonwnloadem again, sometimes it logs out and songs are not offline evnthough it has 1.4gb of the phone´s memory, sometimes it doesn´t show songs, artist oralbums in my music have to delete the app reinstall it and redownload my offline songs, i've restored the iphone as new iphone re download the app and downloaded the 1,350 songs offline when i finished it logged out and had to redownload them again, i have been having the issu for months please help i´m annoyed


Me too!
You have no saved songs from (whatever) artist... Even though it shows the green arrow!!! Im so pissed off. This new update makes me want to murder!!!!!!
iOs 10.0 iPhone 5

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